Grinding Through the Tough Days

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Today’s post comes with difficulty.  As with other days, I woke up today and have scanned my surroundings, topics that are of interest to me and events that lay ahead.  I’m in a decent mood; not too high and not too low.  But for whatever reason, the agent of happiness within me has alluded my attempt to creatively capture a niche of happiness to allow it to be transformed onto the page.  Having anticipated this event occurring at some point, I began to rifle through my mental Rolodex of places and times I was most happy.  Not being able to effectively conjure any particular story that felt organic or lesson that felt unique, I had to continue to strive towards something that made sense to my overall objective of attaining happiness, a bit at a time.  Finally, it dawned on me: success in happiness is often not a straight line because of these types of days.  Most often, the best thing we can do when we feel droll and dreary is to persevere until we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And that’s where I found it! My happiness came from my persistence in chipping away at the roadblock in front of me.  Today may not be the best day.  Those days are numbered as we all know.  What gets us from one “best day” to the next “best day” is a series of days in between, whereby we strive to remain positive and look for the break in the clouds

In my last post I talked a bit about my novice stature.  My wife and I spoke about that at length last night.  It was liberating to explain to her that my perspective intentionally comes not as a professional at this happiness thing.  I’m not the world’s best person.  I’m not magical and I don’t live in fairy land.  What makes this project special for me is the practice of it.  Being happy and staying positive is a challenge.  Writing about it is even harder.  There exists quite a list of things that make me happy without having to work up the energy to be so.  There exists also a list nearly as long, filled with items I need to be more positive and happier about.  Or at least complain less therein.  That conversation led me to brainstorm the areas of my life that I’m not as happy about.  Its led me to resolve to post about my progress in those areas nearly as frequently as the areas of my life that are naturally happy and positive.  I think that’s a great thing! I think if I, if we, chose to acknowledge the areas I, we, allow ourselves to be brought down in, we might be more willing to display areas where we’ve shown growth, strength and resolve.  Seems to me that is just as important.


I always wonder how alone I am in these thoughts.  Are there areas of your life that take extra energy to get up for; to find happiness in? What are some of the best ways you break that dreary streak? How do you acknowledge your imperfections and set goals for their improvements? Where has that taken your journey?

I’m as anxious to learn about your habits and challenges, triumphs and setbacks as I am to communicate mine.  I want to foster an environment of happiness as my penultimate goal, but I also want to discuss the accountability that comes with that effort.  I’d love to hear of recent stories or conversations that left you more resolved and better equipped to achieve your goals.  I’d love to hear how your goals were refined or expanded based on the entrapment you encountered along the way.  Please feel free to leave your comments about that here, or to write to me directly about it.  My contact information is listed and I’m reachable in a manner of different media.  Good luck with your journey forward and thank you for reading more about mine.

Yours in the Pursuit of Happiness,

Will O’Connor

3 thoughts on “Grinding Through the Tough Days

  1. Awesome post, Will! If I were to talk about all the parts of my life that frustrate, disappoint, or otherwise need to be improved, I’d never have time to talk about anything else. We are our own harshest critics – so it makes sense that you feel dejected and alone when you reflect on where you are vs. where you want to be. I feel it too. But my strategy is to realize that every day is a series of choices, and the first choice is whether to dwell on yesterday or prepare for a great today. When i’m strongest, I chose the latter. When I’m weakest, I look for someone to help me chose the wiser option. =) You have some great ‘todays’ ahead of you sir, don’t let the ‘yesterdays’ waste your time…

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    • Andy, absolutely agree with you there. I think my hope in posting about my challenges would be to highlight the areas in which I’ve seen growth, even if I’m not all the way there yet. I’m starting to view my challenges from the perspective that – if I can decrease the margin of challenge, if I can improve on my deficiencies in even small ways, then I can find in that a source of happiness as well. And many thanks to you regarding this topic in general. The Me.Now.Movement has helped me to focus on applying myself to this goal, which has already produced many thoughts that I’ll move forward with to make me a better person, not just in the future, but NOW.

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      • I love seeing how you’ve welded yourself to this happiness effort! Its awesome to see your posts come to life – keep it up, brother. “If I can improve on my deficiencies in even small ways, then I can find in that a source of happiness as well.”… I’m putting that on my vision board!


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